Every once in a while you just feel like going somewhere you haven’t been before. Away from work, away from your day-to-day environment. At least I do. That’s why I’d like to go on citytrips far away, but also close to home. This can save me money, taking days of work and time! In just a short weekend of 2 to 3 days you can see so much! That’s why Belgium is perfect country to visit.


Antwerp is a very popular citytrip destination among the Dutch. This aint that crazy, cause you can drive to Antwerp in less than 3,5 hours (from Groningen). Daytrippers usually come to shop, but Antwerp is also very famous for it’s gorgeous, historic city centre, diamand trading and it’s ‘Vogeltjesmarkt’. And don’t forget the Belgium beers and chocolate!


A 30 minute drive from Antwerp you find Brussels, the capital of Belgium and EU and an absolute must-see in Europe. The city has a reputation with lots of art and design. The international population makes the city a melting pot of cultures. And don’t forget ‘Manneken Pis’! This peeing little man is one of the most visited attractions of Belgium for years now. Foodies can enjoy the Belgium fries, so called ‘patattekes’’, the typical Belgium waffles and a huge choice of world cuisine.

Atomium, Brussel


The historic inner city of Bruges (UNESCO World Heritage) makes the city very pleasing for all the tourists. Internationally, Bruges might be the most popular destination in Belgium. But Bruges has more to over than just beautiful buildings, streets and squares. Bruges is a heaven for chocolate lovers with more than 50 chocolate shops. With just a 4 hour drive from Groningen it’s definitely worth a visit!

Do you feel like hanging out at the beach? Bruges is very close to coastal cities such as Oostende, Middelkerke or Blankenberge.



From all the Belgium cities is Gent my favorite. This student city has the best of Brugges and Antwerp and is one of the most entertaining cities in Belgium. Besides beautiful museums, gorgeous sights and cozy shopping streets Gent is also famous for it’s good night life thanks to all the cozy bars and restaurants. With just a 4 hour drive from Groningen Gent is definitely a recommenced spot to enjoy a weekend away.


Leuven is a less known destination for a citytrip, but also definitely worth your time. The city is especially known for it’s beer, thanks to the Artois brewery. Within less than a 4 hour drive you can visit this lively student city, where you can blend in with the locals. Don’t worry about wasting your time here, you’ll love Leuven!

Which cities have you visited and do you visited them by car?


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