A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would like to go to Ameland, instead of herself. Of course I said! So last weekend we went to this beautiful island, part of the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands.

After a 45 minute boat ride from Holwerd, we arrived at Nes, one of the biggest villages of the island and a vibrant tourist village. When arriving at the pier, we took the bus and went to Hollum, the most populated village, located on the west coast and home to the island’s lighthouse. After checking in into our hotel we rented a bike and started exploring the island.

cycling path Ameland

Unique and diverse

Ameland is famous for it’s wide range of flora, fauna and landscapes. Especially the nature reserves De Hôn and Het Oerd are very special. You can bike for hours across the island and see forest, dunes, beaches, mudflats, salt marches and very cute and old, historic buildings. You’ll never get bored. We started our biking trip in Hollum, headed up to the lighthouse, through the dunes at the north side of the island, all the way up to Nes. Along the way the stopped a few times to enjoy the views and beaches. I have to say, I’ve never seen a Dutch island so quite before! We almost felt like we were the only ones on the island. Even at the beach, because we barely saw anyone on the road. When arriving in Nes it was dinnertime, so we decided to get something to eat at a restaurant called ‘De Herberg’. Here we got served by a very friendly waiter who told us that this was their first opening week of the season. After fueling up it was time to go back to the hotel and relax.

wooden poles at west beach Ameland

The next day we went back to the lighthouse for a hike, ending up at the beach playing with the sand, wooden poles and the sun. We just felt like kids again. After the 4.8km hike we went to Nes again to explore this cosy, little village where you can see a lot of historical commander houses. Nes is also the place to try some culinary island specialties, such as farm cheese, mustard and catfish. And don’t forget to try the authentic liqueur called ‘Amelander Commandeurtje’, only available at the island.

Ameland really surprised me by it’s relaxing atmosphere, the friendly people and the variety of scenery. Although I wouldn’t stay at the island for a long period of time, it’s definitely a place I can recommend when you’re looking for a short getaway at the beach.

forest Ameland

Outdoor activities in Ameland

Some other activities Ameland has offer throughout the year:

  • Beach express: tractor rides across the beach
  • Seal watching: boat tours to the seal colony on a neighbouring sandbank
  • Horseback Rescue Team: watch their monthly demonstrations
  • De Oerdblinkert: climb the 24-metres high dune
  • Sport fishing: Ameland is a great place to fish
  • Fairs and markets in Nes and Buren
  • Scenic flight: enjoy the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands from above

Have you ever been to Ameland, or would you like to?


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