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Hi, I’m Paula and here to help you with your business whenever you need it, as your personal virtual assistant. 

Maybe you need some casual extra hands on a project, a sparring partner for future plans or someone to do the things you can’t or don’t want to do. Whatever you need, I’m here to help you free up your time, so you can do the things you love and do best!

Who am i?

As a marketing & business and professional I support entrepreneurs and organizations, while working location independent. After working for more than 10 years in different companies and branches, I’ve decided to start my own business to offer my wide range of knowledge and experience to creative, smart clients who want to create more value, time and growth in and for their company.

As a virtual assistant, also known as a VA or digital assistant, I can offer you a flexible shell in and around your company, without the burden of arranging a workplace or being tied to a contract. Working with a virtual assistant helps you be more effective and can be very helpful when you don’t have the time, skills, knowledge or want to get certain things done within in your company.

Whether you are trying to define your brand, increase visibility, improve your customer service or just need an extra pair of hands to get things done, I’m here to take work off your hands so that, as an entrepreneur, you can focus on the things that you love most and do the best.

Do you wanna know more about me? Check my Linkedin for more info about my professional background or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Not sure whether you should hire me? Then please don’t hesitate to call (+31639865367) or e-mail me.

I’ll be happy to explain what I can do for you so we can start something beautiful together!


My (virtual) services fall into 3 categories. If you require another task, which is not listed below, please feel free to contact me! If I’m not able to complete the task, I certainly know someone who can!

Digital Communication

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Website maintenance

Customer Support / Service via email & chat

Proofreading & editing

Blog writing

Text translation (English  Dutch)

Marketing Management

Connecting offline with online marketing

(Digital) Marketing Strategy


Brand Development & Strategy

Visual Identity


Content Marketing

Internet Research

Online Advertising /Adwords

Google Analytics / data analytics

Project Management

Updating CRM system

Deadline & Budget management


Task Management

Reminder Service


what people say about me

Paula is a hard working person with a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish for or within a company. She is quite resourceful in putting your company in the market and making sure you do not miss any good PR opportunities. Next to her professional qualities, she is a wonderful person, in for laugh and nice to work with! 

Steven Bosch

Machine Learning Engineer, Target Holding

Paula is an enthusiastic marketing lady. She is an all-round professional with an eye for details. Customer focus is of significant importance to her. She likes to think along with customers and monitors the planning and budget carefully. 

Angelique Kalverda

Marketing & Communication, Marketing Menu

Paula is a pure marketer. She successfully directs, creates and serves unique content for various clients. She lets various customers shine on social media. Email marketing is well-known territory for Paula, who knows exactly which content is responsible for conversion.

She points out relevant developments in the industry with full clarity and advises clients on the best steps to take. It is very nice to have an energetic and reliable person like Paula in the organization.

Dion van der Vaart

Management Consultant, Parbat

Paula was extremely professional, hard working and proactive during the time I worked with her at Wimbledon School of English. She was extremely good with clients and also took initiative in projects she was involved in. She seemed very well suited to a demanding international environment.

Fiona Dunlop

Academic Director, Wimbledon School of English

I worked as Operations Manager at the National Customer Contact Center for IKEA NL and had the pleasure to have Paula as colleague. Paula was a highly professional specialist in Complaint handling and worked in a detailed level to solve all different complaints that we could get from customers that didn’t get it “first time right”. Paula managed to turn a misstake around to something positive and supported the customer in such good way that they continued to stay loyal to IKEA.

Anders Klintborg

Founder & CEO, Blue Nordic Design

Paula is someone you won’t forget easily  due to her dedication, curiosity and hunger for growth. You don’t see this often. In addition, she is always trying to get the most out of herself. She often points out the sensitive focus areas within a company, because she sees where things can and should be improved. That is why I highly recommend Paula!

Tibor van der Meer

Co-owner Het Gelukshuis, Co-owner JoyinTravel, Life Architect

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