It’s already been 3 weeks ago that we sold our house. So here’s a short update. Time was going so fast, crazy! Especially the last few weeks before stepping into the plane to Iceland when by in a blast. There was still so much stuff to do, like: changing our address, getting a good travel insurance, selling some of our stuff, selling our car, arranging the last accommodations for Canada and don’t forget packing our backpacks. And the most important things of all; spending and enjoying time with our family and friends!

Before the actual moving day it was Kingsday. A special day here in the Netherlands, celebrating our King, and for us as it’s also the birthday of a dear friend of us. As we like to celebrate this special day big time, we went to Kingsland Festival, a special Kingsday party in our (previous) hometown Groningen. Who knows where will be celebrating Kingsday next year!

Kingsland Festival 2018 - Roadly

29th of April, moving day!

Sunday the 29th of April, moving day is here! With the help of some lovely friends we cleaned out our entire apartment. This day felt very good, as our adventure was about to start, but it also felt very weird. This apartment had been our home for over 5 years, so leaving it feels very sad. The last night we actually slept in the empty apartment, just having to mattresses on the ground. The funny thing is that we also spend our very first nights in the apartment like this. So, it ended as it all began….

Moving day - Roadly

The final round

Wednesday the 2nd of May was the transfer of the house. Together with the new owner and estate agent we checked the apartment before heading towards the notary. After signing the papers and handing over the keys, the apartment officially wasn’t ours anymore. Goodbye apartment, goodbye Groningen, hello worldtrip!

Átta Maí (8th of may in Icelandic)

The 8th of May, the day of departure has come! We’ve packed all our bags (probably way to much, but we’ll find out on our way) and are ready to go! After saying goodbye for the last time we’re headed to Schiphol Airport to make our way to our first destination for the first 8 days, Iceland! When in the plane it finally hit us that we’re actually doing this, but still it feels like we’re just going on a holiday.

Roadly off to Iceland!

3 weeks later

We’re just only a few weeks on our world trip and we’re enjoying every minute of it. We’ve already seen so much beautiful things in Iceland and Canada. Sometimes we still think that we’re going to be home soon, enjoying the comfort of own our house with our own couch and shower. But then we realize, we’re not going home as we don’t have a home and that the whole world it at our feet! Old habits really do die hard!


As we’re on the road for the last few weeks, we still finding our way in blogging regularly and sharing our thoughts, tips and adventures. So please don’t blame us if you haven’t heard that much from us. We trying to find a flow that works for us. In the upcoming weeks we’ll share more about our trip through Iceland, so stay tuned! Along the way we’ll keep sharing pictures of our current travels through Canada.

If there are any things you like us to write about, please let us know! We’re very keen on making content that you really like!




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