When reading of this article you’d might think: what are they talking about? You’re on a world trip! You can go wherever you like. That doesn’t really sound like an issue, does it? Well…. it’s easier said than done. Don’t get us wrong, we find ourselves privileged being able to travel the world. Even though it meant selling our house and quitting our jobs. But deciding where to go next is quit a big deal. This isn’t something you’d usually be worrying about. Let us tell you why!

Old colored, wooden doors, Gdansk

The whole world at your feet

When we first started thinking about going on a world trip a few months ago, one of the exciting things for us was dreaming about all the places we’d go to. To go wherever we want to. This gave us such an amazing feeling. Can you imagine it, trying to check off all those countries of your bucket list one after the other? No more waiting on your 2-week or 3-week holiday once a year.

It would only be the world, us and our own time frame to work with. It sounded like a good plan, as we could make the most of our world trip and truly have all the freedom we’re looking for. So quitting our jobs seemed like the best way to accomplish this way of living and gain the freedom to explore as we want.

Blue kayaks on the shore, Netherland

Preparing our first trips

After all the decisions to take this leap of faith and go for it, it was time to decide where to go first on our trip. Because we wanted to go to Canada last year, we’d figure that this might be a good starting point for our trip. May is a good month to explore Canada, as summer is coming, and it would be just before high season, meaning prices wouldn’t be at it’s highest. But going to Canada would also mean that we’d use a huge amount of our budget. So finding out that you can apply for a working holiday visa, was a big plus for us. Finding out that we could fly to Iceland for free when booking flights to Canada, made it even more interesting to go, as Iceland was also on our bucket list for quite a while. So bit by bit everything fell into place and we decided to start our world trip in Iceland and Canada. South Africa got on the list as we got in touch with our family regarding setting up a safari business. And it always has a special place in my heart as it’s my (Paula) birth country.

Deciding where to go next

So after Iceland, Canada and South Africa everything was open. There is also just so much you can plan beforehand. Two months fixed and planned was more than enough, considering all the other things we had to arrange before taking off.

And now we’re in South Africa, deciding where to go next. Asia sounds quite good, because after some expensive months, cheaper countries are more than welcome. But Asia is huge and has so many countries to choose from! Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji and what more is on our bucket list! There is so much to see and you can’t do it all in once. Where should we go? How long do we want to stay there and where would we go after? Do we need to arrange things in advance or can we decide last minute? All luxury problems, we know, but it doesn’t make it less real. All these questions can really make your head spin. And this doesn’t even include choosing your destinations and sights within a country!

To give you an example: it looks convenient and ideal to combine and travel Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam first. Then we could take a flight to explore Malaysia and Indonesia before we go to New-Zealand. There’s only a big but; we don’t want to be flushed away because of the raining seasons in several parts of Asia. The best time to travel in this particular region is February till May. And on the other hand, if we do go to all these Asian countries now, when will we go to New Zealand? We need to work at some point to fund the rest of our travels. After some research we figured out that parts of Indonesia have a beautiful climate right now. So that’s a winner for now as we’re looking for some warmer climates. But when are we going to see the rest of Asia?

Where to go pole, Hermanus

Learning as we go

All these thoughts and questions can be really daunting sometimes. Especially because we want to take into account things as money, weather and efficiency. So during this process of deciding where to go we keep on learning, about ourselves, each other and about how we handle things.

After reflecting on some of the decision making moments we found out that we kept asking ourselves the same kind of questions. All these questions come back to 6 factors: weather, budget, time(management), visa, transport and our bucket list. Apparently these things are most important to us and need to fit together to make a final decisions. These factors also show us that we prefer to be organised and prepared, even though we’re trying to just go with the flow. Maybe this will change along our trip, you never know. Maybe it doesn’t.

Chain of locks, Gdansk bridge

So, where are we going next?

So going on this word trip is more than just travelling and seeing the world. The things you encounter everyday and the choices you’ve to make are different from what you’re used to. A simple question as ‘where do we want to go next?’ can haunt you for days or even weeks, just because you have the option to go wherever. It’s definitely something else than worrying about what to wear to your annual Christmas party. 😉

So after this ‘heavy’ talk, we can announce that we’ll heading to Indonesia after South Africa and when our visa goes through, we’ll be heading through to New Zealand.


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