In 2016 my boyfriend and I made a promise to each other. Our goal was to travel each month, to a new place, far away or close by. Of course taking into account money and taking off days from work. Unfortunately we couldn’t stick to the plan because we bought a house in April of 2016 (which is also pretty awesome if you ask me!) But a new year means new resolutions, so we decided to try again in 2017. And we already have quite a few trips planned, which I’d like to share with you! These are our travelplans for the upcoming months:

  • January > Hellendoorn, Netherlands
  • February > Ameland, Netherlands
  • March > Gdansk, Poland
  • April > London and surroundings, UK
  • May/ April > Indonesia

In my opinion everyone should take a break more often to reflect, take a breath and explore. Nowadays everyone is so busy with work and other obligations, we are likely to forget to enjoy, stay positive and re-energize.

Travelling each month, even if it’s just close to home and only for one day, can broaden your horizon and tickle your senses differently than you’re used to. This is why our goal is to travel each month. Now let see if we can stick to it this year!

What do you think about the frequency of travelling each month and what are your travelplans for 2017?