Our road trip through Canada still continues! We’re already about 4 weeks in and still have some pretty nice things to look forward to. So after spending a couple of days at Vancouver Island is was time to hit the mainland again. As we’ve already drove west via the south part of Canada is was now time to head back east through a more northern route. Let’s go!


After spending 2 nights in our RV in Comox we took the ferry back to the mainland via Nainamo. We were actually quite lucky to get in on the first boat when arriving at the terminal. We were one of the last 5 cars that fitted on the ferry, other wise we had to wait for over 2 hours for the next ferry. When at arriving at Horseshoe Bay we continued the road to Whistler, making a nice stop at Shannon Falls. Driving rout 99 towards Whistler was really nice!

Shannon Falls near Whistler

Whistler is a decent, small village, known as one of the biggest ski-areas in North America. As we were not here during ski-seasons we knew that is would be totally different from winter, but we wanted to see the area none the less. You can really see it’s a winter village due to all the typical buildings and houses you normally see in skiing areas. Due to spring-season is was peaceful and quiet, with a hint of hippy. The scenery around the village is beautiful and there are many other activities to do, such as hiking, mountain biking and so on. Groceries were kind of expensive though.

For us the Whistler Train Wreck trail was on our to-do-list. Unfortunately is was raining immensely, so the hike wasn’t really fun, but it was still beautiful. From the parking lot this trail takes you to a suspension bridge and a train graveyard. As the trains are never removed, the train compartments are deteriorated and covered in graffiti, making this cool contrast look right in the middle of mother nature. It was really awesome to walk around, but the heavy rain made us want to leave earlier than we wanted.

Whistler Train Wreck Trail

Whistler Train Wreck Trail

Heading East towards Kamloops

After Whistler we continued the road towards Kamloops. We didn’t have any plans along the drive, but we did want to make some stops if possible.

One of the stops we found was Nairn Falls. There is a short trail that leads towards the falls. Nairn Falls isn’t very big, but it’s very impressive though. The waterfall has an immense power and the trail leads you to just above the waterfall, making you feel the rumbling ground underneath you.

Further along the drive we found another nice stop, the Joffre Lakes. The Joffre Lakes consists of a hike to 3 glacier lakes. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to hike to all 3 lakes, so we just went for one. It was surprisingly busy and we were just lucky to find a free parking spot. When at the lake we met 2 Belgium girls who had just hiked to all 3 lakes. They told us that it was quite an intensive hike, including some climbing, but totally worth it. It took them over 4 hours to complete the return hike. They also recommended for us to go to Wells Gray Provincial Park, which is known for it’s many, many waterfalls and hiking trails. Surprisingly we found out that it would be along our way from Kamloops to Jasper National Park, so we added Wells Gray Park to our to-do-list for the next day.

First lake of Joffre Lakes


Kamloops was our stopover for the night. Not a particular special place, but convenient located. The atmosphere of the town feels rugged and rough. But in the morning we went to this super cute breakfast place, which had amazingly delicious breakfast options. As it was a Sunday, it was very busy with locals. Entire families and groups of friends come here to have breakfast. It was very nice to be in the middle of this and experience this local activity, because the day before we hadn’t seen many locals around.

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Our next stop would be Tete Jaune Cache were we would be staying for 5 nights. This is just outside Jasper National Park. Accommodation options in Jasper are much less compared to Banff and also pretty expensive for our chosen dates. So we figured to stay just outside the area, again in a RV.

As recommended by the Belgium girls we went to Wells Gray Park today, as it was on our way. Because it was a driving day we choose to visit the 3 most famous waterfalls in the park: Dawson, Helmcken en Spahats Creek Falls. All three waterfalls are special and unique in their own way. To us Helmcken Falls was the most impressive. The complete scenery is just amazing. When driving through Wells Gray Park we also again encountered some bears! One was just side the road, about 2 meter from the car, busy finding food in bark. Really awesome to saw those amazing animals close by!

Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park

Helmcken Falls


Sunwapta Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park

Sunwapta Falls

When arriving at our accommodation in Tete Jaune Cache we found out that our big RV turned out to be a huge RV with a big kitchen and enormous armchairs to relax in. It felt really American. But we were happy! This would be our home base for the next couple of days to explore the area and Jasper National Park.

Aribnb sleeping in RV, Tete Jaune Cache Canada

British Colombia

This drive from west to east made us see a lot of diversity in British Colombia. Vancouver Island was already amazing, but the scenery in Whistler and Kamloops all the way to Wells Grey Park are all completely different. Water and green turns in to dryness and red. Mountains keep changing or even dissapear something, before coming back somewhere. It’s a joy to drive this amazing country, Canada.


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