Some of you might already know this, but we can finally say it out loud: We’re going on a world trip! This idea of travelling the world for a longer period of time has been been in my mind for a very long time and has been growing ever since I did an internship in London when I was studying. But somehow I decided working and starting ‘the normal life’ was a better plan instead.

Deciding to go on a world trip

After years of struggling with jobs (always getting temporary contracts), I realized two years ago that this working life might not be the right thing for me. Even though I learned so much, did so many cool things, had the opportunity to see to many companies and meeting so many sweet and nice people along the way, it just felt I couldn’t fit in. The idea of travelling the world and maybe even working remotely seemed more interesting than ever. About 1,5 years ago I discussed this with my boyfriend. He wasn’t very excited about the idea in the beginning, but definitely saw potential in this new lifestyle. Of course there would be many things to think about and obstacles to overcome.

So when he told me he is in all the way last November and wants to do this more than ever I was sooo excited! But scared as hell at the same time. Would this mean my/our dream would (finally) come true?! We decided to give ourselves some extra time until the end of 2017 to think everything over and finally make our decision. In the end this was a no-brainer; we’re gonna do this! Tickets are already booked and we’re leaving 8th of May!

The preparations

Every since making this decision we’ve been busy preparing for this huge trip. What to do with our house, what to do with our jobs? When and where do we want to start? Do we need vaccinations, is our passport valid long enough? All kinds of questions popped up.

Our job: to keep or not to keep

Like I said before, what are we going to do with our jobs? Of course we need money to keep travelling, so how are we going to make this happen. We quickly realized that keeping our jobs in The Netherlands wouldn’t be realistic. So we’ve both resigned from our corporate jobs and are going to work on the go. But then I realized I also had the change to make another dream come true: starting my own business. With years of experience and knowledge in Marketing, Project management and Customer happiness I’ve decided to become a freelancer.

Follow us

With this big trip coming up, we want to share all our thoughts, ideas, experiences and struggles with you. This is why we starting this blog: Roadly. In the next couple of weeks we will tell you all more about our preparations and travel plans.

So if you’d like to stay updated about our world trip, please check our website regularly and follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll share beautiful photos. In the future we’ll also want to use Pinterest and Youtube to share videos and other beautiful content with you.¬†Please keep in mind that we’re still at the beginning of starting this blog. This means that everything isn’t perfect yet. So if you have any ideas, suggestions or recommendations regarding our trip, website or things you like to read, please let us know by sending us an e-mail.

Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to taking you along with us on our big adventure!


  1. Aaah ik ben zo blij voor jullie! Wat een fantastisch avontuur! Geniet alvast van de voorbereidingen

  2. Heul vet heul gaaf en wat dapper! Volg jullie op alle platformen keep us posted!!!

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