I woke up this morning, having the urge to write down my perspective on why I love travelling so much. It’s not only the ‘travelbug’ that’s keeps me pushing me. There ‘s more to it. I’d like to share these personal thought with you.


Now more than ever, people are travelling and exploring the world. Us millennials are part of a movement who are not looking for the ‘standard’ lifestyle anymore. Instead of dreaming about a good job, house, family and children we’re looking for freedom, the meaning of life and self control. And this doesn’t always include the traditional ways. Can you blame us? Getting a decent job after graduation isn’t obvious anymore. The same goes for buying a house and staying in relationships. This makes us think, how do we want to live our lifes?

Travelling as an escape

For me, at this moment, travelling is an escape. An escape from the day to day chores, busy work, fast society and all kinds of obligations. The rush and pressure of the modern western economy makes it difficult for me to enjoy little moments, take time to appreciate what’s around me and gives me the feeling I always have to keep running. I makes me feel I can never stop and take a breath.

When I travel I feel the complete opposite; I feel free, calm and like I can handle anything. My mind is open, I enjoy the little moments and it doesn’t feel like I have to keep running anymore. Day to day chores, work and anything else seems far away, letting me see the beauty and rawness of nature, people and culture. My mind isn’t covered with troubles or doubts, but filled with fresh air; to breath, enjoy and be me. Can I please keep this feeling forever?

In the meantime

It might sound strange when I tell you that I have a good job, a very loving boyfriend and a nice apartment in Groningen. And that’s where my struggle begins. Do I really want to give everything up to travel fulltime, at least for a few years? I think so. But what would happen if we both quite our jobs and go travelling? What will we do with our apartment? And how do we get money to eat and keep travelling? All kinds of questions crossing my mind when I’m thinking about changing course. In the meantime I’m trying to use every opportunity, within the limits of work and obligations, to take a break and chase the fantastic feeling that travelling gives me.

Do you recognize this feeling or do you have another perspective on this matter?



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